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The Evenflow
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Evenflow Energy Router installed on wall
Quick & Easy
Now you can install a 240 volt EV charging circuit, up to 50 amps, in an electrical service that is already at capacity without overloading the panel. If an existing load like an electric dryer or electric oven turns on, we automatically direct power away from the vehicle's charger. Later, when the owner wants to charge the EV, we send power back to the charging station.
Step 1: Install Evenflow between the electrical service panel and the existing load.
Step 2: Connect Evenflow to wire from the service panel to existing load.
Step 3:  Install new wire from Evenflow to the new EV charging station.
You're done, you don't even need to add a circuit breaker.
Evenflow Energy Router installed with minimal wiring
Great For Condos
Evenflow is particularly great for condo and apartment buildings.
As contractors, we know just how difficult it can be to install anything in a shared building. Many of our customers wanted to buy an EV but lived in a condo which often made it impossible. They weren't able to install a charging station since they weren't allowed to add any mechanicals to the shared utility room and the service in these units is generally limited in both size and capacity.
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Enter the Evenflow! At just 7.5" x 10.5", you can install it in a less conspicuous location, like a closet. Then just bring wire to it from the electric dryer and the EV charging station. The condo owner gets to have an EV and you get a day or two of install work that otherwise would not have existed.
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Not Just For EV Charging
EVENFLOW isn't just limited to integration with EV charging stations. Many of our customers have begun using the EVENFLOW to help with the installations of heat pumps such as those from Mitsubishi, LG, Samsung, and Daikin.
As more home & building owners look to save energy and money by switching from natural gas, propane, or oil heating to electric heating & cooling technology, Evenflow Energy has a role to play in that transition as well. When converting your building's HVAC to more efficient, more comfortable, and less expensive electric technology, you may run into the same upgrade problems that new electric vehicle owners face.
Since the EVENFLOW is not limited to managing any particular type of electric load, it can be an indispensable resource for anyone doing the required electrical work on a heat pump installation. Give us a call or send us an email if you want to know more.
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Installation Examples
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