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We recommend using a hole saw bit during installation:
3/4" Conduit -use a 1 1/16" bit
1/2" Conduit  -use a 3/4" bit
(available on amazon)

The Evenflow Energy Router allows two 240 volt loads to share the same circuit breaker. This lets you install a 240 volt electric vehicle charging circuit, with a rating of anywhere from 15 to 50 amps, into an electrical service that is already at capactiy without overloading the panel. If an existing load like an electric dryer is on, your EV charger is off, and if your EV charger is on, your dryer is off, end of story. Designed for indoor installation only.

Evenflow Energy Router

  • The Evenflow Energy Router is wired between an existing load, like a 30 amp electric dryer or 50 amp electric oven and its circuit breaker. Next, it is wired to the newly installed EV charging station. The Evenflow Energy Router can then direct the available power to whichever load needs it at any given moment. You've just added a 240 volt circuit, of up to 50 amps, to an electrical service panel that had already been at its load capacity or had no avalaible circuit breaker slots, or both.