About Us

            We literally started as the proverbial "two guys in a garage", building a company around a few good ideas. After designing and installing electric vehicle charging systems for 5 years, we have installed countless residential and commercial jobs. Our reputation and ability brought us into large homes, small condos, small and medium sized businesses, large appartment buildings, and 40 story hotels, just to name a few.

            Many times, we were faced with a situation where an EV owner, or business that wanted to provide EV charging for employees and customers, just didn't have enough power left in their service panel to safely install yet another large electric load. At that point, our only recourse was to let them know that they would need to upgrade their electrical service if they wanted to install a charging station. This would often cause the potential owner, or the forward thinking business, to abandon plans of having the EV charging station installed altogether.

            As a business that depends on install work, this was obviously not a great outcome for us. Time and time again, the same situation played out as a disappointment to us, the potential EV owner, and the people selling the vehicle.

            In time, this problem had become an increasingly significant pain point for us. One day, after yet another customer contemplated the merits of owning an EV, we had the "Aha!" moment. We decided that instead of providing more power to the building, we'd simply use what we had more efficiently. And just like that, the foundation for Evenflow Energy was born!

            But ideas are common and action is rare. With that, we sought out help from some of the same communities we aimed to help. Along the way we were fortunate enough to work with expert mentors at the MIT Enterprise Forum. That good fortune then lead to an amazing opportunity to enter into the Clean Tech Open accelerator program. With guidance and opportunities both organizations have made available to us, we have now transformed our idea into an "industrial grade" product that is now shipping to many happy customers.


            At Evenflow Energy, we like to think we're doing our part to facilitate the adoption of one of the most transformative technologies of the last 100 years. We hope to help many people along that path as well.

            -The Evenflow Team